"Currently posting the Alignment Minicomic! Takes place between Chapters 1 and 2! Enjoy!"

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"My first fanart piece! Its a redrawn version of a panel on page 15 of Chapter 1. Goredamn actually looks like an evil Dungeon Master, who knew?"

BY Dodom!




"Goredamn looking far too pleased with himself. The Dungeon fumes must of gotten to him!"

BY MeatPopsicle199!



"Equip a Skirmish, gain +1 Awesome!"


"Tim doesn't even need to have magic gear to get this bonus!"


"Color spray never tasted so good"


"I show up Goredamn with my wizard boss birthday skills! This was an awesome, surprise birthday present. Thanks again Red!"


BY RedAuthar!


"My comic in minecraft! I am blown away at how awesome Builder Jim recreated the comic shots. He even used the bubbles/text! Amazing, man!"




"A pixel animation of Goredamn's dance! Its even got the logo emblem wrapped around it as a frame! My first animated fanart!"

BY BuilderJim!



"Goredamn is just misunderstood. No one appreciates his inner beauty. Literally"

BY Rinkel!







"Goredamn looks gritty and ready to fight in Ryu's style! Looks great, man!"

BY ryuskrew!



"Goredamn and Skirmish as sprites! They may look different, but their witty banter is all too familiar!"

BY Ranger_Brian_New!



"My little brother wanted to draw Goredamn! He did awesome!"

BY coenchace!




"My college buddy drew me up some fanart!"

BY Xerclipse!




"Upon getting spotlight on the Webcomic Underdogs site, I got this fantastically hilarious fanart by Michael!"



"An epic fanart piece for everyone on the Webcomic Underdogs website! See if you can find Goredamn!"

BY Michael Yakutis!




"This is Pumpkin Fel. Fear the greatest Pumpkin Master in the land. Well, that is until he spoils."

BY Nataas




"Iraku gave me this Guest Art during my hiatus! Goredamn is showing dual skills of adventuring and dungeon mastering!

BY Iraku!



"A guest comic called "Gordan vs Goblins"! Gordan is the alternate reality Goredamn in Pichu999's comic Mini Chibi's!"

"Skirmish, does in fact, like cookies."

Also check out his cameo comic series featuring Gordan and Skirmish here:


BY Pichu999!



"Goredamn and Skirmish lost in the forest! At least they found the scenic route!"

BY AeroZero!



"Goredamn playing some sweet, sweet saxophone! Must be singin' the Dungeon Master blues!"

By McMasters!




"Goredamn and Skirmish find themselves deep within a dungeon unfamiliar to them! Also, Gordy eyebrows!"

By Gearfish!




"Goredamn makes more of what actually is! In this case, a 1st level spell is the most fearsome thing in existence!"

By Binyamin!




"A paper craft piece of Goredamn running away from trouble! Skirmish, however, has a bit more enginuity than that!"

By Sivrus!